Don't take our word for it!

I must say that I couldn’t have found a better mentor than the one I found in Keshawn Hughes of Event Passion!!!

"Keshawn exudes with kindness and a genuine willingness to help those who are willing to help themselves”.

Her personality radiates like a burst of sunshine! And she’s extremely knowledgeable in the event planning industry and anyone whose passion is to plan and design beautiful events should come on board and experience the planner jumpstart program. I absolutely love my mentor!

– Diane, Event Passion Coaching Client and Owner of Elaborate Expressions & Events

"I cannot say enough about Keshawn and Event Passion”!

Keshawn and her excellent team provided an outstanding amount of love and support (and structure) for our outdoor picnic wedding. It was a huge DIY project with everything hand crafted and specialized--from the flowers, centerpieces, and quilts to the dessert spread, wedding programs, and everything in between.

Keshawn knew and understood everything from the very get-go. When we first met, we chatted about our passions and what this wedding meant to me personally and what the atmosphere would be. From that moment, I knew she would be perfect. She was really excited to be a part of our day and to be the person to make it all happen the day of the wedding. Her charts and timelines are impressive beyond anything I could have planned myself. We met multiple times to check on wedding progress and update any information she needed.

“Once she was on board, I was able to let go of so many different elements”.

She contacted the vendors with wedding timelines and last minute questions and details. She personally took care of all the little details that would have to be set up the day of the wedding. It was incredible to know that all of these elements were in such capable hands.

Her team did everything the day of the wedding. They picked up food and cakes and set everything up to look better than I could have imagined. It was so wonderful to enjoy my wedding day and not have to touch a thing or worry about one element. She fielded every question and took care of every issue that could arise.

“She is, by far, the reason why my wedding was as amazing and special as it was”.

Literally, I would continue gushing if there were room and time for it. I would recommend Event Passion to anyone and everyone who wants their event to be the most impressive as well as the most intimate you could ever imagine.

Thank you, Keshawn. We couldn't have even begun the process without you."

- Katelyn, Event Passion Bride

Keshawn was truly amazing to work with throughout my entire wedding planning. She was great to bounce ideas off of, and to help organize all the ideas I had. She never once struck down any of the crazy DIY ideas I had, and her excitement made my wedding even more beautiful and eclectic than I imagined.

On the day of my wedding, her team member Kenyatta was amazing! I only had to mention anything I needed and she immediately offered to get it for me. Dionne also executed my flowers perfectly.

I very much enjoyed working with Event Passion and hope than I can do so again in the future.

“Keshawn is amazing and her passion for events is contagious”!

- Keri-Anne, Event Passion Bride