Ask Event Passion: How to Ask for Money Wedding Gifts

What is an appropriate way to say "don't send gifts, but we would appreciate monetary gifts" on a wedding invite? - M. Robertson

Nowadays, the average age to get married is 28 for men and 26 for women compared to 23 for men and 20 for women in 1960. So by the time two people fall in love and decide to become a unit, they already have serving ware, bedding, and many other items found on wedding registry checklists. And let’s face it, the gift people love most is money and more specifically, the kind that folds and does not jingle.

With all that in mind, I understand why couples prefer to receive monetary gifts at their weddings, but what was true in 1960 and before still stands today—it is poor etiquette to print anything about gifts monetary or otherwise on your wedding invitation.

If you insist on requesting monetary gifts only, here are some ways to communicate that properly:

1. Designate someone like a wedding planner or a member of your wedding party to communicate that on your behalf.

2. Include that information on your wedding website.

3. Register on a site that accepts monetary gifts only like also provides a tasteful option to ask for cash. 

Remember to word the request in a cute way by saying something like, “If you would like to give a gift and truly make our day, a contribution to our honeymoon, savings, or new house fund will help us on our way!”

I hope that helps! 


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