Hi, I’m Keshawn.


I serve people who:


I have over 18 years of corporate management and business owner experience, five star reviews and national recognition as a wedding event planner.

When I’m not negotiating deals for clients or in a meeting about my latest project, I can be found spending time outdoors with my family, brunching with my sister-friends or dishing about the latest real housewife drama or random pop culture phenomenon. I have opinions about everything and gladly share them over wine.

Curious to know more about me? Here are four fun facts:

  • I have worked a million jobs from dorm room hairstylist, non-profit intern, to DSW cashier.

  • I love a road trip and traveled up the Pacific Coast Highway in a drop top Mustang from San Diego to San Francisco with a stop in Napa Valley because did I mention…

  • I love wine! I don’t really have a favorite and welcome free samples.

  • I would eventually like to work on a college campus. Doing what, you ask? I’m not sure. I just love the feeling of being around people who love to learn and expand their horizons.

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I love to talk all things love, weddings and special events and enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with those in need.